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If you are looking to improve the condition of your skin, you have come to the right place. At Cosmetique Aesthetic Clinic, Wolverhampton, our passionate team of clinical aestheticians is committed in bringing you excellence in skin care with our range of procedures. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us and get in touch with us for an appointment today.

Cosmetique Aesthetic Clinic in Wolverhampton offers a range of procedures to boost your skin. Call our aestheticians today.

..........After suffering from a deeply embarrassing condition caused by a medical problem, I was probably too ashamed to even visit a clinic to try and improve the fact that as a woman I had some areas of facial hair.

I had become quite desperate as my self esteem was becoming affected and for the first time ever I realised people in my life had noticed, I had begun medication from a consultant but he had advised it could take 6 months to even see an affect and the only way of doing anything about it was laser surgery.

That afternoon I was collecting my first packet of tablets when I ran into by accident Suky who owns and manages the cosmetique. She was demonstrating to chemist staff a hairless patch on her own arm as a result of her laser treatment she offers at the clinic.

I overheard and asked her for more information after finding out she was about a mile from my house, that day she sent me an email and I booked in for a patch test that same week.

I am so glad I went ahead. At present I've had two of the recommend four treatments and there is definite improvement in skin condition and reduction in hair amount. Suky is friendly and professional and no longer do I feel so embarrassed by my condition, it is more of a problem for women than I initially thought. The treatment is virtually pain free and Suky talks you through ever single step and answered all of my questions without making me feel ridiculous for asking. It doesn't take very long and appointments fit round my busy schedule easily.

I can't recommend the clinic enough and I look forward to completing treatment in the next few months and being rid of a problem that's caused much suffering and stress.


Katie Hicken ,Wolverhampton.

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..........I just wanted to give you feedback, I had botox for my forehead, crows feet and the elevens on the bridge of my nose.  I had suffered with severe migraines and had not initially gone for botox for that reason. After 3 months I started to get the migrants again, what I hadn’t realised was that I had been pain free for 3 months and when they returned with full force that left me in agony, I was left wondering why I hadn’t had them for 3 months. I soon become to know that the botox had indeed stopped my migraines.  I researched the net and discovered that was the case.  I once again have gone for another treatment, within 24 hours migrants have disappeared just with the neck pain left.  If having botox gives me a normal life, which is pain free, allows me to live my hectic stressful life then thats sure worth it.


Overall other than that, I find Suki’s approach compassionate and she is very helpful in understanding other peoples situations. She has helped me by trying to accommodate solutions so that I am able to have this procedure, as I have a fear of needles.  As the applications are done by Dr Andrew I feel safer knowing that this is not a back street establishment and that this Doctor, whom might I say is defianaltely as friendly and logical as Suki, really explains everything so that you are well aware of the anatomy and medical information that you may somewhat not be aware of.