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Does your skin look tired, lined or just in need of revitalisation? Our experts at Cosmetique Aesthetic Clinic in Wolverhampton can suggest treatments that can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

From facial line injectables to Dermapen fine needling, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and laser, we offer a wide range of safe and effective skin treatments.

Whether you are battling acne or want to get rid of skin discolouration, our skin experts can suggest the ideal procedure that will address your needs.

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Get glowing skin

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Welcome to Cosmetique Aesthetic

Cosmetique Aesthetic is a cosmetic medical clinic based in Wolverhampton. We provide a wide range of cosmetic and non-surgical treatments, to help you reach your desired aesthetic goals. Our ethos is to provde our clients with a high quality, personal service in a safe and relaxed environent.


Our clinic is GP led by an experienced and highly qualified Harley Street doctor, so you can rest assured that you're always in safe hands. Staff are fully insured and practice under a strict professional code with very high professional standards.






Skin assessment and advice




Lip enhancement fillers


Fine line and wrinkle fillers


Dermal fillers


Anti Wrinkle Facials


Skin Rejuvenation



If you would like to arrange a consultataton to discuss your requirements or book a treatment, you can contact the clinic on 01902 334 181. We are open six days a week including on Saturday.

Dermapen Skin Treatment




3D Lipo - Fat Freezing


Skin tightening, removal of cellulite, stetchmarks


Fat Dissolving Injections


Laser Hair removal


LED Opera Mask


Vitamin Infusions

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